Role: Designer
Year: 2012

Sketches of logo exploration

Project Goal
I redesigned Ricca Group's company branding, website, and internal systems. Ricca Group wanted a logo similar to the new MedSurvey logo created by Mainline Media, include a checkmark, and have an icon feel.

Loosely designing some logo ideas in Adobe Illustrator

Project Challenges
The logo mark itself needed to be iconic so the checkmark portion of the logo could stand for RIcca Group on its own. Ricca Group would eventually move under the MedSurvey brand, so it was necessary that the logo would stylistically live in the same family.

Left: Old Ricca Group logo  |  Right: Updated Ricca Group logo

Working with key stakeholders, we collaborated on look and feel through sketches and mockups.

Final logo

Final color choices and logo typography

RIcca Group branding business collateral and merchandise mockups

Cohesion between the Ricca Group and MedSurvey logos was attained through using the same font and Pantone colors, though the Ricca Group logo also stands well on its own. The logo became part of all business collateral, the website, mobile app and office signage.
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